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The power of prayer

I think we have all witnessed or heard about some miraculous situation where simple prayers changed an outcome.  We have an amazing God who listens to those prayers and has within his power the ability to affect change that our human minds can’t begin to understand.  I think it is going to take this level of involvement—thousands of Christians around the world—praying for the people of Haiti—to begin to change this country.  There is so much to do just to give these people the most basic of lives.  I am convinced that we can begin to accomplish that. Not necessarily by giving our money or going down there to help build or clean up (although I recommend that if you can), but through the simple act that as Christians we go through every day.  Just pray. The people in Haiti deserve every word you can spare.

3 thoughts on “The power of prayer

  1. I am praying for a mircale cure for my severe gum recession and for my three back teeth. If this is not God’s will, then at least halt the recession permanently, do not let the gums bleed or thin out, forever stop any more shifting and/or loosening and/or spacing of my teeth, let there be no tooth decay and no recurrence of the gum disease. (I had periodentitis.) As far as the back teeth are concerned, I fervently pray that the worst-case scenario with them is that they require refilling. One of these teeth is almost all filling with just this thin strip of real tooth on the side. I pray that if it is needed, my dentist is able to refill that tooth. I am begging God that I do not lose a single tooth and that my teeth do not get all funny looking and sticking out. I also am begging God it costs me nothing to not that much money in order for me to be able to keep all my teeth. Amen.

    • pls pray me. I HAVE SUFFERING FROM LOT OF PROBLEMS. i m 8 months prnegant. I M ALWAYS HAVING FEAR ABOUT MY BABY, ME AND MY HUSBAND. pls pray for my inner healing. i want a deep inner healing. PLS PRAY FOR MY FAMILY PEACE AND JOY. some times my husband is angry and neglects me. WE HAVE LOT OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS, some of family relations always hurt us. I M ALWAYS PRAYING. i trust my lord jesus. PLS PRAY FOR MY FEELINGS.

      • Oh how I wish the road to God were sahitgrt and nroraw and lit with the lamps of angels but then we would not appreciate what is at the end of our journey near so much. I have found myself neck deep in the mud puddles, the pot holes, the blind corners of life. I have considered myself roadkill at the side of the highway, another casualty in the quest for peace and the contemplative life in Christ. Each time though I found, or someone found me, who lifted my head and made me look heavenward. By keeping it in my sights I slowly and methodically got back on the road without even knowing it. My dear Christianne, keep looking up and looking forward. Your guides will come, sometimes knowingly and purposeful, and other times they are there and do not even know they are there for you. In the words of my favorite muse Dori the Fish just keep swimming, just keep swimming . The rest will fall in place in time. Peace be with thee my contemplative friend.

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