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Help My Unbelief

I don’t know what to think about Haiti.

I look at the images of the people and the destruction and I feel so helpless. I don’t know how anyone or any place can recover from such a physical and emotional blow.

It’s too far gone, I think. Too far gone for me to care or really get involved. But then I am reminded – too far gone for whom?

What on Earth is too broken or too helpless for God – our Creator, our Savior and our Sustainer? Praise God, He is able to heal broken people and broken places.

Help me, Lord. Take away my doubt and my cynicism. Help me and people like me, who need and want the faith of the Roman Centurion in Luke, who cried, “Help my unbelief!”

Give me faith, not in man or money, but in you. Help me to pray and show me how to love the sick and suffering in Haiti.

Gary Brandon

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